Do You Live In London or Kent And Need a New Boiler Installation? Read Our Guide.

If you live in London or Kent, chances are you will be in need of a boiler, either to install a whole new heating system or replace an old one that is simply not worth fixing anymore. There’s a lot to gain from installing a boiler in your home, both financially and comfort wise. We are here to help you through the process of boiler installation and replacement.

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How To Go About Boiler Installation

Although it’s no quantum computer, for someone that is not tech savvy, the multitude of pipes, tubes and valves can be intimidating. And those you just see below the actual boiler. Under its new, immaculate white case, there’s is more you might not understand with simply a glance. 

The best and safest way to go about it is to contact a company with accredited engineers (of which there are many in London). A boiler is not a toy and can be very dangerous if not properly installed. Call them and set up a meeting with one of their advisers. This person will pay you a visit when your schedule allows it and proceed to assess the situation: what type of boiler is best for your house or flat, how much material to order and if you need new radiators in case you want a combination boiler.

What central heating system should you choose?

Boilers come in many sizes and technical specifications. Do your research and choose the ones that have a capacity suited for your flat or house. There’s no need to over-spend but you do want a heating system that is able to heat up your entire living space. Different models come at different prices with longer or shorter warranties. Ask around and see what your friends and co-workers are satisfied with in their own homes.

Ways to find a gas boiler specialist.

London has no shortage of companies that can install or replace a boiler for you. And you can find them on the web, advertising their services. Many of them are in The Yellow Pages so browse thoroughly and take your pick. Once you’ve chosen a company, the work can begin. Another way you can find reliable a reliable tradesman is by asking friends, family and work colleagues about contractors they know. One thing that you must verify no matter which avenue you choose you need to ensure the Engineer is Gas Safe registered. 

An engineer will handle the installation, the set up and welding of pipes that connect the radiators with the combi boiler. There will also be a lot of drilling since gas boilers need an outside vent. There are special machines that can drill reinforced concrete. Do not allow for the use of a sledgehammer as that can bring structural damage to your house. Once the installation is done, the engineer will explain how to use your new boiler.

Boilers Are Not Everlasting

Unfortunately, as all devices do, a heating system may malfunction and although boilers have many fail-safes, they still can’t prevent certain parts from getting damaged. Sometimes the damage is far too great to be fixed by replacing only one part. This is most often seen with old boilers that exceeded their estimated lifespan and for which spare parts are now scarce. 

Fortunately, replacing a boiler is not as messy and doesn’t take as long as installing one since most of the initial work had been performed years ago. Again, you are better off with calling an accredited specialist who will simply connect the new boiler to the old installation (vents and pipes). Hoped this helped you some way to finding your new boiler A brand new installed combination boilerinstaller. Learn more about emergency boiler repairs in London. Please check out our guide on emergency boiler repair in London and Kent

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